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  What is a Certified Healthy Home®?
      A designation a home / building obtains when it has been constructed with healthier products that promote better health for the family and pets living in and around the structure.
  Why you want your home . . .
    . . .  Healthy Home
® Certified

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  A Certified Healthy Home® Builder or Contractor/Technician can transform your home into a Certified Healthy Home®

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You watch about your home, your health and how the two are tied together.


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  Healthy Home® Association Resource Center  
  Your Online Resource for protecting your home.  Our library of information will assist you in cleaning your home and environment for safer living.  We are your one-stop source for worldwide information.  

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Healthy Home® Television

Worlds first online television network

  Healthy Home®, America's longest running Home and Health Show reaching over a billion people worldwide, is now available online.  Tune in to view the latest in how to make your home a safer place to live and play.   

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Healthy Home® i2 Pest Defense Systems
  The Healthy Home® i2 Pest Defense system is the world's most sensible way to protect people, homes, and commercial buildings from unhealthy chemicals, vapors, insects and termites ..... "Revolutionary", a choice like never before.  

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  Healthy Home® Expo  
  Healthy Home® & Wellness Expo's fourth annual expo will be held at the Oklahoma City State Fair Grounds.  This year's Expo will feature home and health products from around the world.  

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 Tom Hoshall
  President and Founder of Healthy Home® Association

     ( Author
, Researcher, Home Builder, Innovator)
Tom Hoshall is an established builder that has built hundreds of homes, and is one of America's most innovative individuals. Tom  has a reputation for creating new ideas before they become industry standards.
Tom's history in business is extensive and his success shows his dedication to creating and using new and better ideas.
Tom has many U.S. patents in a variety of industries.
Some of his inventions, you may have seen, used or even owned. Tom's newest invention, BugFree® Home and Termite Elimination System, is a revolutionary way of safely controlling insects, termites and toxic vapors for homes and buildings.
Tom holds the design patents on the nations first (KD) Modular Plastic Pipe Furniture (AWARD WINNING).
He also invented a very unique display case which became the national standard for retailers selling 8-Track tapes. The tapes were behind a wire or Plexiglas door with a hole big enough for a person to get their hand in to view the tape but not large enough for them to remove the tape thus eliminating theft.
Tom also developed, sponsored and hosted the first National Insulation/Energy Convention ever held in America. At the time, his company trained more homebuilders, insulation contractors, and utility company personnel in the energy conservation market more than anyone in America.

Tom is the host of the Healthy Home®
Television Show. He is also the founder of the "Healthy Home® Expo."  To pass the word, Tom has patents pending for the On NOW TV.com  broadcasting network, the planets first internet television channel network reaching over a billion people worldwide.
Tom's passion is to help people create healthier, more energy efficient, stronger and safer homes, helping all of us provide a better environment, in order to have less sickness and a better way to live.

Tom Hoshall Homes is a
Certified Healthy Home® Builder

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